Valerie Jacobson is a senior physics major with both French and Math minors. She’s interested in working with renewable energy and has been working with Dr. James Sites at CSU for the past year. She hopes that by participating in the Women in Physics of CSU that she can help other women get into the sciences as well.

Olivia Hanna is a senior physics student at CSU, majoring in Physics, minoring in Art, Math, and Russian. She wants to travel the world and hopes that from participating in the Women in Physics of CSU, she will be able to spread the joy of science to the younger female generation.

Katherine Zaunbrecher is a fifth year physics graduate student at CSU. Her research and extracurricular activities reflect one of her life goals–to make the world a better place. Katherine’s PhD research in photovoltaics involves imaging solar cells using techniques such as electroluminescence and photoluminescence. She hopes to share her experience and knowledge as a physicist-in-training with the Women in Physics group to encourage a breadth of engagement among the other students.

Aurora Popescu is a senior Physics major who loves puzzles, taking pictures, and solving problems. In joining the Women in Physics of CSU she hopes to show how fun physics is.

Kelly Wagenaar is a Senior, majoring in Natural Science with a concentration in Physics Education. She aspires to become a secondary math and science teacher after graduation. Her hobbies include skiing, exercising, reading, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.  She is a member of the Women in Physics of CSU because she wants to be part of the physics community and share her passion for science with others.

Sara Mueller is a Senior Physics major, with minors in Chemistry and Math. After graduation, she plans on getting her Ph.D. in Physics. By participating in the Women in Physics of CSU, she hopes to foster a deeper sense of community in the sciences at CSU.